Our expert Quality Assurance (QA) Team helps to ensure that we always deliver “pixel perfect” software using a continuous testing process. We also employ a wide range of industry-standard testing tools that leverage established methodologies to provide your organization with superior quality and integrity. Our QA team is 100% QAI Certified.

Providing highest quality in each aspect of
our deliverables to each and every customer engagement of ours.

Manual Testing

We offers Manual Testing Services across industry verticals. We employ proprietary methodologies, structured processes and best practices in rationalizing the testing spend and finding defects early in the life cycle.

Our expertise goes a long way in jump starting a testing initiative and reducing cycle time for our customers. The process of manual testing covers a feature by feature basis for the validation of behavior against a wide array of normal and incorrect input data. Manual testing can be performed for either black box or white box testing. The validation of application for conformation according to its specifications, accuracy in performance and its requisite functions are determined during this process.

Performance Testing

Performance issues within an application are often identified in live scenarios which result in considerable damage to the reputation of your brand. That is where formal performance testing of the applications is necessary to ascertain application behavior at peak performance and scalability levels.

We offer load testing services for applications across domains and technologies, including web-based n-tier applications, client-server applications, SOA based solutions or COTS solutions. We have experience with all industry-leading performance testing and monitoring tools, along with expertise in end-to-end application performance including network, database, hardware, etc. We publish a detailed performance testing report for the application with response times, break-point, peak load, memory leaks, resource utilization, uptime, etc.

Automation Testing

Test automation helps in reducing regression testing time and cutting down the time to market with significant cost savings on a long-term basis. However, a clear automation strategy and road-map are key to ensuring the right return on investment on your automation initiatives. With disparate application architecture, multiple environments, third-party integrations and multiple user devices, a standardized and consistent automation approach is needed to ensure high re-usability, ease of maintenance and lower upfront costs.

Our test automation solutions support your business objectives by designing an automation strategy aligned with enterprise goals.