Application Consulting Services

Adept Technologies offers a wide array of application consulting services to augment your enterprise and enable you to derive maximum business value from your technology investments. Our experienced team of industry experts understand your business complexities and provide effective, tailor-made solutions which simplify implementations and optimize productivity.

We help enterprises in designing and deploying a comprehensive project plan and authenticate it for end user acceptance. Our holistic approach initiates with assessing your business needs based on which we work with you to devise a roadmap to transform your enterprise into a business intelligence enterprise.

Consulting & Professional Services

With decades of experience in implementing the latest technologies, Adept Technologies is a pathfinder for enterprises to evolve their business capabilities. In today’s competitive work environment, we architect the solutions of your intricate business challenges in the simplest manner.

Our holistic and innovative strategies cater to your business needs helping you attain maximum gain from existing and emerging business opportunities. As efficient consultants, our focus is to help you enhance your business output and build a road-map for the exponential growth of your enterprise.

Managed IT Services

Handling the responsibilities and challenges of a complex IT environment can feel like a juggling act. But the support of a dependable IT provider can bring balance and a good measure of predictability to your world. Adept Technologies offers a range of CustomShield and Managed IT Services that deliver the right insights, people, and capabilities to enable your technology’s full potential and drive your business forward.

Project management Services

Technology projects have a lot of moving parts, and tasks with dependencies on factors that often are outside of our direct control. Even clearly defined projects have the potential for scope creep, lack of ownership, ineffective resource management, or poor communications. But a dedicated and skilled project manager can change that.

IT Staffing Services

When you partner with us, our team works closely with your hiring managers to determine the specific requirements of your opening to select the best match from our network of qualified candidates. Here are just some of the benefits you will see when you work with Custom for your staffing needs: Reduce Turnover, Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity, Increase Flexibility, Avoid Employment Issues, Improve Quality of Hire

Cloud Services

Cloud services are a key approach for purchasing and deploying IT services to support these business objectives. Commodity services like email, storage, content management, and web hosting aren’t innovative or business-specific, yet every deployment reinvents the wheel and wastes scarce IT resources on management and administration. Depending on existing in-house infrastructure, staffing resources, budget requirements and legal and regulatory concerns, IT departments can migrate commodity services to the cloud and score big productivity gains and cost savings.